We did it, friends and fans! The TPS Team (Philosofly, Optimus Rhyme, IF, Kliggy and David Delisca) repped your city to the fullest and took 1st place at the 2013 Canadian Festival of Spoken Word.

In Finals TPS faced off against Vancouver and Saskatoon and Guelph. It was a tight battle between Guelph and Toronto throughout most of the Finals, but Philosofly's second-round HipHop Homophobia scored too high for any team to beat, and once TPS dropped the HUGE team piece Nine Shots (about Sammy Yatim), the team enjoyed a comfortable lead going into the 4th round.

Results from FINALS:
Fourth: VanSlam 100;
Third: Sask 100.3;
Second: Guelph 104.2;
First: Toronto 105.7

This is Toronto Poetry Slam's first win at CFSW, though last year Toronto took home the gold when Up from the Roots won the 2012 CFSW in Saskatoon.

Also, everyone on the team but David were rookies to the slam team thing. And to win 1st place against so many veteran just makes this feat all the more astounding. The Team Poets took their spoken word to the next challenging level, pushing themselves to create art that was both difficult and emotionally raw. And their work eethic was something to behold, Toronto...They really put all their blood sweat and fears into fine-tuning every aspect of their craft.

Speaking of David, this is his FOURTH straight TPS Team and we're so proud he has finally took home the big win, and we want to sincerely thank David for his passion and dedication to TPS all these years.

Want to extend a big thank you to coach Ian Keteku, who was instrumental in making the team so tight and focused. Few coaches could turn a team of rookies into the number-one slam team in Canada. Ian, you're one of the best at what you do.

Team manager Dave Silverberg deserves a slow-clap for his help in giving the team less to worry about re: fundraising, travel, NPS, etc. When teams can train their gaze only on writing and performing, everything gets a bit easier.

And finally...thank you, TPS supporters. Whether you've been to the Drake or a fundraiser for the Team or gave them props on social've helped us with your good vibes, your presence, your fivers. And we wanted to do ya proud, fans, and we think we laid it all out on the stage to give the best performance a TPS Team has ever delivered.

We hope you continue to see how this win energizes our scene even more...we already know of many poets who now want to slam on the Drake Hotel stage, inspired by the poetry they saw the Team drop this weekend.

NOTE our next slam is on NOVEMBER 24 featuring Rudy Francisco from California!


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    Tue, 2013-12-03 01:10

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