Introducing your Toronto Poetry Slam Finalists w/ ranks and scores

With our Semifinals now completed, we have the 8 poets who will be competing at our TORONTO POETRY SLAM FINALS @ the Royal Cinema, on April 19.

The Royal Cinema is a gorgeous theatre at 608 College.

Below are the poets' ranks + scores. Note a poet's total ranking and placement is determined by adding the ranks from both Semis and Finals. Ties are then determined by total scores from Semis + Finals:

Bassam - Rank: 1 Score: 58.9
Andre Prefontaine - Rank: 1 Score: 55.6
Sabrina - Rank: 2 Score: 57.6
MultiPurpose Hot Air Machine - Rank: 2 Score: 53.1
Estefania - Rank: 2 Score: 53.1
Prufrock - Rank: 3 Score: 57.3
Kara - Rank: 4 Score: 57.1
Ketch22 - Rank: 4 Score: 52.6

Want tix to Finals? Want to see NYC's Joshua Bennett make his Canadian debut at this big show? Want to see the BAM! Youth Slam Team rock your face to open the show?

For $15 in advance, get Finals tickets at:

Play de Record, 357A Yonge St.
A Different Booklist, 746 Bathurst St.
Soundscaps, 572 College

Also, if you prefer to pay via online, we accept PayPal and e-transfer payment. If you do an e-transfer though, the cost is $16 per ticket due to bank fees for such transactions.

Any questions? Email

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