Toronto, your 2014 Team is one of the most experienced squads formed from our slam

Last night's Finals gave us a five-person team that one might call "stacked", in sports terms, due to the poets' experience and slam accolades.

The 2014 Toronto Poetry Slam Team is:

Andre Prefontaine

Much love to the other finalists who rocked our brains but just couldn't get the scores to propel them to the Team: Kara, Ketch 22 and MultiPurpose Hot Air Machine

This team has LOADS of experience: Andre has been on multiple Calgary slam teams that competed at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word, and won the two Underground Indies competitions at CFSW; Prufrock has been a member of both Urban Legends and Capital Slam teams in Ottawa; Sabrina has been on the Bill Brown 1-2-3 Slam and came in second at the Underground Indies in Montreal; Bassam represented the Burlington Slam Project when he made the squad last year; and Estefania is the only rookie on the team, but has experience rocking stages at both Capital Slam and TPS.

We can't wait to see the work this team produces, and we'll keep all you slam fans updated on their upcoming shows and fundraisers.

Big thanks to everyone who came out to Finals last night; it was truly an epic night. We sold out! 390 people coming to see poetry...There's nothing like that energy in the room last night.

6 comments on Toronto, your 2014 Team is one of the most experienced squads formed from our slam

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